With Yummazing discover the highest quality meat delivered fresh at your door step and experience inspired farm-to-plate fine dining at home. We provide you meat from healthiest animal, “healthiest animals make the healthiest and cleanest meat and healthiest meat makes the happiest customer.”


Our products are never frozen and always come from farms with sustainable eco-friendly practices. Our commitment to quality and service is not just our philosophy; it has a deep, rich history, embedded in us by our founders who built this business together.

Indulge in our diverse selection of chicken, lamb, seafood. All our products are 100 percent halaal, completely natural and healthy. The selection we have is carefully curated, safest, most delicious, hormone and antibiotic free.

Once you experience Yummazing meat, you will return back again to buy our products with complete confidence in us.

We are not just a meat company selling you our products but we are also committed that  our customers receive highly nutritious and hygienically packed products with organic goodness.

Proper handling, processing and packaging are just some of the many reasons that make Yummazing Company trustable and truly special. Our team- every member of it, we all do our job with an ever burning passion in our heart to fulfill all the customer needs and to provide you with best service.